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tropicasa workbook

tropicasa workbook

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This workbook is designed to be used with the tropicasa ebook and will provide extra guidance throughout your creative interior decoration journey.

What if I told you that by following 7 easy steps, you can completely overhaul a space and make it look and feel beautiful? What if I told you that it was actually fun to create a home that feels like an oasis, that helps you feel calm and empowered (basically like waking up on holidays every day!)

The workbook follows along with the 7 steps is full of prompts for brainstorming and concept development and handy tips. My intention with the workbook was to guide you deeper into exploring how you feel about different design elements, and empowering you to trust your intuition and confidently make design decisions.

Through this workbook I show you that this process is actually really fun, and it doesn't have to be expensive, confusing or overwhelming to transform your home with flair and personality.

Welcome to 7 steps to TROPICASA in your home!

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