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design package

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are you dying to redecorate parts of your home, but the thought of adding one more thing to your ever-growing to do list makes you feel dizzy?!

we have got great news for you that will save you time AND money, because...

concept development is Rae's big passion!

let Rae do what she loves while you're doing your own thing, an you'll come away at the end with a complete interior decoration concept package.

this takes so much time and pressure off you, leaving you free to live your busy life instead of worrying about all of the details of redecorating a room.

this e-design package is perfect for you if:

☀ you know you want to redecorate but you're not sure where to start

☀ you've got ideas but they feel overwhelming and not cohesive

☀ you want to buy your own furniture

☀ you'd like to implement the decorating plan at your own pace

☀ you're too busy and just don't have the time for concept development and research

☀ you want a proper plan before you start decorating and buying things

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