e-design package

are you dying to redecorate parts of your home, but the thought of adding one more thing to your ever-growing to do list makes you feel dizzy?!

we have got great news for you that will save you time AND money, because...

concept development is Rae's big passion!

let Rae do what she loves while you're doing your own thing, an you'll come away at the end with a complete interior decoration concept package.

this takes so much time and pressure off you, leaving you free to live your busy life instead of worrying about all of the details of redecorating a room.

this e-design package is perfect for you if:

☀ you know you want to redecorate but you're not sure where to start

☀ you've got ideas but they feel overwhelming and not cohesive

☀ you want to buy your own furniture

☀ you'd like to implement the decorating plan at your own pace

☀ you're too busy and just don't have the time for concept development and research

☀ you want a proper plan before you start decorating and buying things

fall in love with your home again:


your e-design package will include:

  • 1: an initial consult with Rae to discuss your ideas and visions for the space

  • 2: two different mood boards to capture the intended feeling for the room

  • 3: a creative brief to use as our interior decoration road map

  • 4: another consult with Rae to ensure we're aligned on the creative direction

  • 5: two concept boards, illustrating the mood and functionality of the room

  • 6: two potential floor plan layouts, so you can choose which suits you best

  • 7: one rendering demonstrating the room layout and funiture placement

  • 8: a shopping list for you to follow/use as a guide whilst adding your own flair

  • 9: a final consult to present your concept package and discuss it with you

each e-design package costs $250 per room


each package includes one free revision after the final consult, and Rae will email you your completed concept package for the specified room

you will also receive a free pdf copy of the tropicasa eBook and workbook, and you'll now have all of the tools you need to transform your room into a beautiful, vibrant space!

  • tropicasa eBook

    valued at $17

  • tropicasa workbook

    valued at $15

  • the complete guide to tropicasa in your home, in 7 easy steps. this is the perfect adjunct to your package, as it explains this design aesthetic in much more detail and is full of handy tips and ideas.

  • the tropicasa workbook is full of brainstorming opportunities and prompts to help you gain insight into what you love and why! this will help you if you decide to decorate more rooms down the line.

let us design your room for you!

we're excited to create beautiful spaces within your home that you love coming home to and love sharing with your friends and family. we'll help reduce stress and clutter, increase relaxation and you'll fall in love with your home again!

$250 launch price (only 2 spots left for October)

let's chat about it!

book in for a free, no obligation 15 minute call, I'd love to know a bit about you, your ideas, your projects, your home and your big visions for the space!

we have different levels of support available based on the amount of time and effort you want to invest, and we would love to help you choose the most suitable option


  • thank you for sharing so much about this design style and making everything so clear for me, it was easy to implement all the changes you suggested and the room looks amazing!

    chloe t. melbourne

  • I really enjoyed brainstorming and planning with Rae, she definitely helped me make sense of all of my ideas! I loved her enthusiasm, I felt very comfortable and I am happy to have a clear direction now.

    amanda g. sydney

  • I absolutely LOVE my new bedroom look, it has all come together perfectly and I couldn't be happier with it! Rae really took into account the specific things I wanted in the room and the vibe i was going for, and we nailed it.

    brooke s. melbourne

let's discuss your ideas together!