an interior decoration style designed to reduce stress, enhance your mood and help you be the most authentic version of yourself!

you know that it's possible to have a beautiful home that showcases your personality, your journey and the things that are important to you - but sometimes styling feels so complicated and overwhelming.

maybe you've already tried putting some different elements together but it just doesn't quite feel right - maybe it doesn't feel balanced, or seems too cluttered and busy.

here's what we can achieve together:

tropicasa is here to make it easy for you, to guide you through the whole process, help you get in touch with what you love and empower you to make design decisions confidently.

we have a variety of services available to help you, depending on how much assistance and support you desire, so let's get excited to transform your home into a holiday-inspired oasis that makes you feel amazing!

choose your tropicasa based on what you need:

read more about each option below!

eBook and workbook

this eBook will give you all of the tools you need to transform your home. it is jam packed with helpful information and guides you through the easy, 7 step process so that you can create magic in your home room by room.

the workbook runs alongside, providing helpful prompts and brainstorming ideas and allowing you to get really clear on how you feel about the space and the things inside it - this will help you make confident design decisions!

shop the ebook here

1:1 consult with Rae (60 min)

bring all of your ideas, pinterest boards, photos and sketches to the table, and lets make sense of them together. the design process can be very overwhelming, so if you need some assistance putting everything together into a cohesive concept, this is for you!

it helps to have a friend along on the journey for support, so soak up Rae's enthusiasm and passion for this design style bring clarity and excitement to the process!

book your consult here

e-consult package

let us do all the work for you! we'll collaborate together at the start, and then we will go away and create your mood and concept boards, concept ideation, floor plan and 3D rendering and shopping list.

then you get to take your concept package and shop for the items at your own pace, putting your own flair on the space as you desire

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let's chat about it!

book in for a free, no obligation 15 minute call, I'd love to know a bit about you, your ideas, your projects, your home and your big visions for the space!

we have different levels of support available based on the amount of time and effort you want to invest, and we would love to help you choose the most suitable option

in each tropicasa option, the steps are the same:

  • we'll explore the concept of tropicasa, and discover how we can blend it with what you've already got at home

  • next we'll create mood and concept boards and develop an overall plan so that we have a roadmap to follow

  • then we'll select furniture and accessories and make a floor plan - the finished room will look and feel amazing!


  • thank you for sharing so much about this design style and making everything so clear for me, it was easy to implement all the changes you suggested and the room looks amazing!

    chloe t. melbourne

  • I really enjoyed brainstorming and planning with Rae, she definitely helped me make sense of all of my ideas! I loved her enthusiasm, I felt very comfortable and I am happy to have a clear direction now.

    amanda g. sydney

  • I absolutely LOVE my new bedroom look, it has all come together perfectly and I couldn't be happier with it! Rae really took into account the specific things I wanted in the room and the vibe i was going for, and we nailed it.

    brooke s. melbourne

let's discuss your ideas together!