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  • DESIGNING FOR HAPPINESS - free mini ebook

    we spend 60-90% of our time inside our homes worldwide!

    this means that our living spaces play a vital role in the way we live our lives, and shape our overall happiness and wellbeing. well-designed and aesthetically pleasing living spaces uplift our mood, promote relaxation, and improve our quality of life.

    it is important to invest time and effort in creating a home that reflects our personal style, feels good to spend time in and supports a sense of joy, serenity and vitality. this free ebook outlines 5 easy tips to make your home feel happier and calmer, to let you shine as your most authentic self!


    there are some common challenges when creating mood and concept boards - spending hours creating one mood board, moving images around aimlessly, struggling to think creatively and being unhappy with the end result after all this effort!

    to save you from all of this hassle, I have created a mood + concept board Canva template package that allow you to drag and drop your images into a stunning presentation, ready for you to customise to your vision for your home! The template pack include 3 aesthetic mood board templates and 3 example concept boards (lounge, bedroom and bathroom), as well as clear, concise instructions for how to easily create your own beautiful boards!


    this ebook is a fun, 45 page conversational deep dive into creating a wellness-focused home in 7 easy steps - covering topics like finding your own style, creating mood and concept boards, colour, vital elements, hero pieces, scale and designing beautiful vignettes to showcase your personality.

    the workbook is designed to be used alongside the ebook, and is full of prompts for brainstorming and concept development. This will guide you deeper into exploring how you feel about different design elements, and help you confidently make design decisions!