uplifting art to bring happiness and health into your life!

the way your home is decorated has the power to make you feel calm, peaceful, productive, relaxed and energised, helping you to be the best version of yourself every day.

art is one of the most powerful ways we can boost our mood, connect with precious memories and create specific emotions in our homes - choose a piece that has colours and textures that make you feel energised and happy!


  • thank you for sharing so much about this design style and making everything so clear for me, it was easy to implement all the changes you suggested and the room looks amazing!

    chloe t. melbourne

  • I really enjoyed brainstorming and planning with Rae, she definitely helped me make sense of all of my ideas! I loved her enthusiasm, I felt very comfortable and I am happy to have a clear direction now.

    amanda g. sydney

  • I absolutely LOVE my new bedroom look, it has all come together perfectly and I couldn't be happier with it! Rae really took into account the specific things I wanted in the room and the vibe i was going for, and we nailed it.

    brooke s. melbourne

artboheme collection

this artwork was created to bring warmth and sunshine into your home, and evoke memories of summer, holidays and fun! It is designed to bring a bold splash of colour to your space while maintaining a relaxed and calm feel.

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las palmas collection

bring summer into your home with this collection of vibrant, textured palms! They will infuse your space with a sense of happiness and connect you to to that feeling you have when you're relaxed on a beach in a warm, tropical place and can hear the waves lapping at the sand, feel the warm sand on your skin, and see the palms swaying gently overhead.

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originals collection

bring a special piece of summer into your home with these vibrant, textured palm originals! These artworks were created from memories of beautiful, tropical beaches, I've used lush textured backgrounds and bright, tropical colours in order to create the kind of vibrant stimulation that we feel while travelling and exploring new places.

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