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TROPICASA colours!

The Tropicasa colour palette

The tropicasa colour palette is all about creating the FEELING of being on holiday at a beautiful villa or resort in a warm, tropical destination but in a subliminal and subtle way, and it works every time! 

One of the key differences of colour in tropical places (especially compared to cities) is the sheer saturation and vibrance of the colour - we can harness this and use it as a tool!

We want our colour palette to be impactful and create visual interest without being too over the top. The perfect way to achieve this is to have a neutral base colour to work from. I love layering different types of warm neutrals in beautiful textures - think classy beige, cream and white linens for sheer curtains, couches and cushions layered with chunky jute rugs, limestone, handcrafted clay vessels, wooden furniture and rattan lighting and baskets. This foundation will give us freedom to be bold with the following accent colours!

Coral & orange

These colours are evocative of bright flowers and fresh fruits, they convey life and vitality and are very energising! Use them to bring an exotic flavour into your own home.

Dusty peach & pink

These shades are gentle and nurturing, they're soothing to look at and help build out the mid tones of our colour palette. They also suggest a subtle elegance!

Mint & jade green

These shades of green are evocative as well as calming, and are complementary to the warm pink colours. They call forth imagery of tropical water and interesting vessels.

Olive & natural beige

Earthy tones like these enhance relaxation and a feeling of safety. Natural beiges are the perfect base for our bolder colours, and olive greens enhance harmony and peace.

2 Tropicasa design elements that I LOVE

1 - There is heaps of information online about different colour associations, and how they make you feel - this is helpful but what is more important is how each colour actually makes you feel!

2 - Combinations of different colours will also influence the way they feel, so don't forget to consider your colour palette as a whole too!


Nusa Lembongan was AMAZING, you should all visit ASAP! The sunsets have been absolutely magical, the water is so clear and blue and the food is so good! I am back in Bali at the moment and am flying to Thailand on Saturday, this will be my final destination before heading back to Australia which feels crazy!

I'll be glad to have a permanent studio space there for the month instead of lugging all my art supplies around with me everywhere. I'm also super excited to get stuck into lots more art - let me know if there's anything you'd love to see me paint!

Don't forget to book your free, 15 minute discovery call to see how we can transform your home into a space that has a positive effect on your mental health and helps you be your most authentic self!

With sunlight and warmth,

Rae x

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