How to find your interior design style - and WHY it is so important!
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How to find your interior design style - and WHY it is so important!

Do you want to know why the style aesthetic in your home is SO IMPORTANT?!

It is easy to stop actually seeing what is in a space once you've been living in it for a while, we just zone it out while we get on with our lives. But humans have evolved to be very sensitive to environmental cues (whether conscious of it or not), and everything in your home triggers an emotional response on some level.

This will either contribute to us feeling safe, calm and increasing our capacity for connection, intimacy and productivity or feeling tense, uptight and unable to relax - and we have the power to influence the way our home makes us feel.

When you curate the decor of your home intentionally - your 'style' will be made up of a combination of 4 things, so let's look at those first!

Your FEELINGS: You respond emotionally to what you see, so it's important that you are attracted to the things in your home. The items in the room should evoke emotions that feel good to you and that suit the needs of that particular room.

Your STORY: Your home should have the depth and nuance that YOU do, and tell the story of the places, people and events that have had an impact on your life. This can be as subtle or overt as you choose, and will be visually interesting to guests, as well as reminding you of beautiful memories.

Your AESTHETIC: Your aesthetic is your personal 'look' - it is how you approach things and what you perceive as beautiful and compelling. It is often instinctive, so to get a sense of what your aesthetic is you can look in a few places - your wardrobe, jewellery and accessories, Pinterest boards and travel knick-knacks!

Your VALUES: What do you prioritise in your interior design? Is it important to you that the products you buy are sustainably made, or second hand to reduce their environmental impact? Or that the items are sturdy and hard-wearing so that they can be passed down through generations? Or items that are exclusive or bespoke? Identifying your values will impact how comfortable you feel in the space and help with your creative direction.


3 TIPS: 
1 - Walk into the room as if for the first time ever and look with fresh eyes at everything in the room, and how the items interact with each other. 

2 - Get rid of anything in the room that you immediately dislike! It's preferable to have more spaciousness at this stage, it will help us be more creative and it feels more expansive and luxurious.

3 - Identify anything that makes you feel joyful, energised, peaceful or calm, and anything that brings you happy memories - these items can be showcased and enhanced using similar colours and textures throughout the rest of the room to create rhythm and continuity.


1 - Giant artworks are one of the best an easiest ways to showcase your personality and create visual interest in a room! Choose artworks with colours that make you feel super happy, and repeat those colours in other objects in the room. 

2 - Don't forget to think about what you'll actually be using the space for - it is important for rooms to be functional as well as beautiful! Choose the furniture and layout so that main function of the room flows naturally.

Today I am heading to Koh Lanta for the weekend with Cha (my artist friend who is in Ao Nang with me) and I'm super excited to explore another island, fingers crossed for sunny days! This is my last weekend in Thailand (and last week of the trip!), next weekend I fly back to Melbourne - feeling both very excited for this and also not at all ready for this trip to end!

We're planning on doing some diving in my last week, and I'm still having fun getting lots of art ideas out and gathering inspiration from the beautiful surroundings! I am absolutely OBSESSED with Thai food, it is so flavoursome and delicious and I think I'm going to struggle not eating it every day once I'm home!

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With sunlight and warmth,
Rae x

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