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What even is TROPICASA?!

I hope you're excited to find out!

What is Tropicasa? 

Tropicasa is an interior decoration style celebrating sunlight, spaciousness, tropical colours and natural materials! The end result is a visually delightful blend of harmony, atmosphere and personality, aiming to capture the essence of tropical holidays, connect us to nature and boost our well-being and our mood. 

At its core, this design style features a neutral, textured base which you can then build and layer vibrant, evocative colours on top of. 

With the tropical part of tropicasa, we are aiming for maximum visual impact but without being too overt and garish. The best way to do this is to have tropical as a concept instead of a theme!

Instead of using literal tropical motifs like palm leaf stencils, flamingoes etc, we are going to use colours, patterns and textures that remind us of beautiful tropical destinations.

This creates the feeling of being on holiday at a beautiful villa or resort in a warm, tropical destination but it is a more subliminal and subtle effect, and it works every time!

The casa part of Tropicasa pays homage to the beautifully designed Mediterranean villas in Spain and the 'Tulum-chic' interior aesthetic featured in Mexico, and design elements from Bali villas and Moroccan riads are also blended throughout.

3 tips for incorporating Tropicasa design in your home 

1- Spend some time tapping into how various design elements, colours, textures, artworks and memories make you feel (give yourself some space and time for this process, and trust that the more you do it, the easier and more intuitive it gets!)

2- Pick 3 colours that you LOVE and incorporate them into every room

3- Get rid of as much clutter as you can! Find some beautiful storage options and utilise those to create spaciousness.

2 Tropicasa design elements that I LOVE

1- Get some GIANT indoor plants and put them in corners of your room that feel boring!

2- Introduce more interesting vessels into the space - buy some new ones, go thrifting or paint some that you've already got.


I am leaving Lombok tomorrow to go to Gili Trawangan where I am meeting a bunch of my best friends from Melbourne and I CAN'T WAIT! We'll be spending just over a week together and I can't wait to soak up some relaxation and fun, my extroverted self has been DYING for this.

Don't forget to book your free, 15 minute discovery call with me to chat about transforming your own home using Tropicasa! 

With sunlight and warmth,

Rae xx

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