Tropical inspired mood board

Mood board 101!

When planning the decoration of a room, a mood board should be your first step!

What is a mood board? 

A mood board is an evocative collection of images, textures, colours and text in collage form. It will be a visual representation of your intended 'mood' or 'feeling' of a room.

Creating your mood board 

I love to use lifestyle images, travel images and inspirational spaces/places, combined with key colours, textures and products. You could also use a beautiful font and put some words that summarise the creative direction on your mood board.

Your mood board will help you organise your thoughts and ideas, and will also help you communicate them effectively to other people (visual communication is so effective!)

 Your mood board needs to make you feel something when you (or anyone else) look at it! This feeling that you capture in your mood board is going to be the foundation and inspiration for all of the design decisions from this point onward. It will keep you on track and keep you inspired if you feel stuck!

Next step - creating a concept board 

After creating your mood board, the next step is to create a concept board. Your concept board will be the bridge between your mood board and the finished space - where you'll start introducing items of furniture, hard finishings, soft furnishings and accessories. Stay tuned for next week's post to learn more about concept boards!

3 tips when creating a mood board 

1 - Keep it fun! - Mood boards are for playing with ideas and concepts, you can change them whenever you feel like it - whether a new idea comes to you or a friend suggests something that you love!

2 - Make multiple - when you've got lots of ideas and it feels overwhelming, it's a great idea to make a few different mood boards. This will help get the ideas out of your head and into visual format and you'll be able to experiment with what actually works and what doesn't.

3 - Start with what you've already got! - I bet you already have a huge collection of images that inspire you, that's the best place to start! Sometimes a blank white canvas can feel overwhelming, so put some of your favourite images down as a starting point and work from there (you don't have to keep them in if they don't fit, but you can use them as a springboard).

2 Tropicasa design elements I love 

1 - Add pops of colours to your mood board by adding images of beautiful glassware (especially Maison Balzac!), cushions, artworks or interesting sculptures.

2 - You can also add plants, flowers or sprigs of foliage to your mood board! They are great for evoking feelings and add a sense of calm and vitality to a space.

Read more about the Tropicasa interior decoration style HERE


I'm currently on Nusa Penida island in Bali, and I'm planning on doing some diving and snorkelling here. It's one of the best spots to see manta ray and I am ridiculously excited for it, I've been dying to see them for years now! I'll be here for a week and planning on doing some painting here too, and then heading to Nusa Lembongan next week!

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With sunlight and warmth,

Rae x

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