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How to choose and style artwork

What mood or emotion do you want to evoke? This is always the first port of call whenever you are adding anything to a space! 

One of the easiest ways to inject personality into your space is by adding ART! Artworks are one of the best ways to connect with precious memories and create a mood in our homes - so it is important to choose a piece that has colours and textures that make you feel good!

Where to start when choosing artwork 

A good place to start is deciding whether the artwork is going to be a 'hero' piece in the room. A hero piece is a big statement piece that forms the foundation for the rest of the room (often a piece of artwork, furniture, large vases, lamps etc), and it is important to consider the scale of the piece (bigger is normally better, or mixing smaller artworks together to form a gallery wall!)

Alternatively, the artwork might be an accessory to other hero pieces in the space if it is smaller or more subtle. Either way, the artwork will add an extra pop of personality to the room, evoking specific memories or emotions and adding to the colour palette of the room. 

Repeating colours, materials and textures in different decorative displays (vignettes) and rooms in your home will create rhythm and a feeling of cohesion.

Using artwork to create the colour palette for your space

A technique that I love to use is utilising a piece of art to create your colour palette for the space. Choose a piece that has evocative colours, and repeat those colours in accessories throughout the space - splashes of colour in blankets, cushions, vessels, lamps, rugs and indoor plants. Pairing this with natural textures such as white and beige linen creates a beautiful juxtaposition of calm and relaxation with vibrance and energy! (Stay tuned for another blog post coming soon with more details on how to achieve this).

When you include art pieces that you love in your home, you create an opportunity to enhance your experience every time you step into the room!

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